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Attendance Management

Effective student record systems use computer technology to maintain longitudinal information concerning individual students served within an education system. Student records are usually viewed as work produced for the education paperwork. However, a well-designed student record system, whether or not using paper documents or machine-driven systems, yields several edges. Attendance monitoring is an inevitable and essential day to day activity.The headcounts and the roll numbers are simple and easy on the Oréll eDo. The automated the attendance management process helps monitoring and tracking the attendance of students and institute staff members in a real time. Effortlessly teachers can keep and generate a comprehensive report to keep a check on the students who are regular & who are not.Significance & Relevance of Attendance Management is that it ensures the regular attendance of a student’s ensuring the uninterrupted academic learning.

Unique Features

  • Attendance in and out session wise
  • Leave management
  • Reporting
  • Calendar integration
  • Mobile and Cloud support
  • Accomplish attendance of all the students and staff from one point
  • Manage basic attendance.
  • Guileless and easy interface for attendance of all staff and students.
  • Comprehensive attendance reports.
  • Cumulative term, mid-term and annual attendance report can be generated.
  • Facility to import and export the student and staff attendance for specific periods.

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