Course Planner

Course Planner

Well-developed e-learning courses can be delivered many times to different learners using the same materials subject wise, chapter wise ,lesson wise etc. In addition, individual course components (e.g. units, lessons and media elements such as graphics and animations) can be reused in different contexts. For example, interactive e-lessons developed for a given self-paced e- learning course can be integrated into facilitated courses or can become part of another self-paced e-learning curriculum.The platform also enables a space to edit and add chapters to eDo course planner . The section allows access to the subject list, and provides study material uploading options in different formats.And of course the E-learning courses should be appropriate and exact to learners’ needs, roles and responsibilities in professional life. Skills, knowledge and information should be provided to this end. Oréll eDo course planner rolls out learning content such that it is segmented to simplify assimilation of informationalong with the time for learning. Instructional methods and techniques are used to creatively develop an engaging and motivating learning experience. The instructor can customize the various topics to the flow of the syllabus planned based on the needs. This is a completely enhanced multi-lingual platform.
To augment the exertions to project and produce e-learning courses, the materials designed for e-learning can be adapted and reused by trainers in other classroom sessions. Media elements, such as illustrations and diagrams, as well as textual content, can be used to create trainers and materials for learners. It is designed in such a way that the creationof lessons, exercises can be added in different formats as exercise and assignments. Assignments can be given to students and we can get the instant scoring and the teachers can give the feedback too.

Unique Features

  • Comprehensive syllabus management software.
  • Effectively manage students, tutors, and curriculum.
  • Flexible to customize
  • Access the recorded live class videos for the future
  • External links form
  • Lesson Combine
  • Subject, chapter and lesson wise composer
  • Assert the material subject wise, chapter wise ,lesson wise
  • Instant Scoring and feedback
  • Combination of different media elements
  • Unlimited customized e-lessons creation using video/audio/text
  • Multilingual interface

Ensure Blended Learning Experience for your Students !


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