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How to make best use of Lesson Composer in Orell eDo?

Being a teacher not only means to educate and enlighten impressionable young minds, but also spending almost half the lifetime creating and appropriating lessons for classes. It is a laborious task, especially when he or she has to deal with n number of classes for n number of periods a day. With the advent of the worst pandemic at hand, teachers have it tough due to the lack of traditional lessons at classroom when she can impart knowledge and observe the students simultaneously. Rooting education from classrooms to computer screens may have been difficult to cope with at the beginning, but Orell eDo, with a bit of getting-used-to can work wonders among both student and teacher activities. One major difference it makes is in lesson creation. With the Lesson Composer, you can create, compose and have the necessary lessons. These lessons put forward by teachers can be listed based on category, topics and names and datewise. The lessonscan multi-page piece of content that can contain text blocks, images, audios, videos, , pdf’s, with question rudiments. On the eDo lessons can be presentations, quiz, exam, or anything else you want. The user activity and progress of lessons are tracked and recorded along with analytics and reports are also available.Teachers can create customized learning materials using this standalone studio application quickly and effortlessly. The output could be in Video, Audio & Text formats. All lesson styles can be customized and can be created to be re-used in another lesson. Apart from this, the lessons can be any language of the instructor’s choice and need.

  • Unique Features
  • Create with less efforts
  • Easy and flexible upload
  • Automation Compressed video
  • Easy Edit of study material
  • Text blocks, images, audios, videos, pdf’s,
  • Variety of lesson styles
  • Analytics and reports
  • Upload any language
  • Customized learning materials

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