Live Virtual Class

Live Virtual Class

Oréll eDo Live Virtual Class meets the needs of an ever-growing population of students and who cannot or prefernot to participate in traditional classroom settings. These learners include those unable to attendtraditional classes, who cannot find a particular class at their chosen institution, who live in remotelocations, who work full-time and can only study at or after work, and those who simply prefer to learnindependently. Oréll eDo Live Virtual provides an excellent method of course delivery unbound by timeor location allowing for accessibility to instruction at anytime from anywhere. Learners and Instructorsfind the Oréll eDo as the most convenient platform to fit education into their busy lives. A whole list of users along with their status, whether they are the instructors orstudents along with their assigned permissions, web Cam Status, restrictions and whether theyhave the hand raise status is available on the single screen. The multiple user virtual board aids the instructors to write, draw, and insert shapes on the virtual white board justlike in a normal real time class. Apart from this there are other options that permit the moderator to register the participants to vote orsurvey on different topics and view or get the results.

The Oréll eDo live class has the options to upload documents like PowerPoint presentations, PDF, Word, Image etc. that can be viewed by all the participants along with the feature to users that help broadcast chat messages to all participants in the meeting in the form of public chat or individual chat messages as per the requirement. Long with this, comes the interesting options to restrict the selected participants from accessing all the modules or even disable webcam sharing, orchat in between the participants.

Unique Features

  • User-friendly Grid View
  • Multiple user virtual board
  • Write, draw, and insert shapes
  • Screen Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Polling
  • Presentation
  • Chat
  • Control the Attendees
  • Hand raise status for users
  • Enable/disable webcam sharing
  • Enable/disable chat in between the participants
  • Vote or Survey on different topics
Live Virtual Class

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