Monitoring & Controlling

Monitoring & Controlling

Monitoring is a classroom management technique loosely defined as listening to the learners for their accuracy and fluency, or checking to see whether activities are going to plan and that the learners are 'on task'. Oréll eDo has an exclusive ‘OBSERVE’ feature which enables the teacher to view the student live activity status. With respect to the respective session or activity or whether the screen is minimized. This allows monitoring on a single window .There are advanced features of getting to view the screen and the instructor feels that the student is up to something, there is an option of incognito live camera options too provided the permissions are preset. During any of these instances if the teacher wants communicate anything to the students directly there is the connect option the teacher has an option to conduct the three modesof communications that is through video or audio or text with the control to the teacher to stop the activity or resume activity through the connect.

Unique Features

  • Accurate monitoring
  • Incognito Live Monitoring
  • Incognito Live Hearing
  • Incognito Live Camera
  • Capture Live Screen
  • Single window monitoring
  • Preset permissions
  • Pause the student activities and permit resume.
  • Assess the student behavior with ease
  • Helps to assist the students who need extra care
  • Better understanding of the student’s progress

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