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Orell eDo- platform for unparalleled eLearning and virtual classes

What matters in an eLearning Platform is it should be all-inclusive of the requirements put forth by the host. It should be global with all its features and at the same time must have the favoured customization and personalization. Both teachers and students will be benefitted extensively with the introduction of eLearning platforms as functional and effective as eDo powered by Orell Technosystems Kakkanad, India. As an Educational software provider our current status in the international market is truly dominant as we have contracts with leading educational institutions which are spread over five continents and, further to state the credibility of our product, none of the clients have terminated or have never showed the intention to switch into another supplier. We have always been generous with providing enough resources for researching the requirements of the sector and thereby developing the product which can win the sensitivity of the educational market.

The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.
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