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Orell eDo – to keep student attention maintained

Is Setting up an online class provider all that takes for seamless eLearning sessions for your child? Is monitoring through virtual class enough to maintain students’ attention all throughout the lesson? When it comes to elementary, preintermediate, intermediate level of students, it is comparatively tough to navigate them throughout the session. In fact it’s tougher in online classes than traditional classrooms. Let’s look into certain ways Orell eDo promises student attention.

Whiteboard options available in Orell eDo is a boon to teachers for it helps them work with students in real-time. Their input in the board will be ready for the students to grasp instantaneously.

It’s easier to have all the learners’ microphones on silent if you’re working with a group. This will help to avoid background noise and keep the focus on you. Get the learners to use gestures such as a thumbs up or a wave as a way of communicating with you.

The breakout room facility of Orell eDo enables team/group collaborations actively and brings the real classroom atmosphere virtually and effectively.

Apart from all these, instructors may have to restrict some participants during the session. Orell eDo has Control the Attendees option that lets teachers ban access of some modules to the selected student users. You can control students fidgeting around the platform with this option.

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