Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard

This module primarily offers the privileges of assigning work to the class/students and monitors assignment progress while keeping a track of student attendances and performance. Other tasks includes

  • Observe: Monitor student’s activity.
  • Connect: Instant communication with student.
  • Announce: Speak to the whole connected students or as in groups
  • Spider: Send Interesting videos from online
  • Xplore: Play back audio/video available in USB to selected students or a group
  • Live Virtual Class /Video Conferencing: Teach students online
  • e-Board: Scribble out text / formulas /image etc to the learner
  • Screen Share: Share the screen for demonstration to selected students or group
  • Course Planner: Lesson Planner, Module designer & Category creator
  • Lesson Composer: Teacher can create different lessons and difficulty levels for each type. With Audio / video Lesson creation and attach text / pdf file along
  • Assignments: Monitor students submitted activity and Send Feedback to students
  • Create Exercise: Exercises with different pattern and type can be created and set for students. (Multiple choice,
  • True / False, Fill blanks&Descriptive type questions)
  • Homework: Assign homework online and offline
  • Self Study : Create self study plan for student
  • Poll/Survey : Send students with poll/survey on any topic
  • Notification:Instant notification for assigned activity
  • Chat: Send and receive message to parents about their wards performance
  • View results: Exam results can be generated according to class, students or group.
  • Monitor attendance: Attendance of the students can be monitored as report or on screen.
  • Graphical representation: The teacher can generate graphical presentations of students results based on performance.
  • Star Student:All the other students can view/hear the model student and access all the activities

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