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The Music School, Bangalore inducts Orell eDo eLearning Platform

This is great news for Orell this month. We have accomplished one more client from the Garden city- The Music School, Bangalore. The Music School is a unique institution that enables potential musicians of future with ample facilities and creative environment to develop and enhance a taste to the art of music. Oréll eDo e-Learning Software has revolutionized the idea of Virtual class to suit any requirement, be it teaching regular syllabus, or be it teaching Music!
The Music School has a curriculum that involves in-depth study of a broad range of musical genres including Jazz, Rock, Pop, EDM, Blues, Western Classical, and World Music. It also incorporates music technology and music business management, which we believe is very essential for today's working musicians. Their campus is located in the heart of Bangalore City, giving students the opportunity to experience their musical learning while being connected to the bustling music and arts scene of the metropolis.
They have opted for the Orell eDo Smart version with Live Class as their e-Learning platform for 100 users. Orell eDo has proved helpful to teach & learn music which marks a great leap for Orell.
eDo aims to assist teachers to conduct online live classes and online exams. Teachers can create their own music related lessons using our state-of-the-art Course Planner & Lesson Composer.
The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct music classes both theory & Practicals with Whiteboard, Chat; File sharing options and much more.

The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.
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