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The best combination of software from the house of Orell- OrellTalk and Orell eDo

What you need to pull off an enhanced learning experience for your students is the best combination of education technology software that suit schooling needs. In the times of Corona virus and social distancing education is one thing that has to go on without fail. Orell Technosystems headquartered in Kakkanad, has come up with the best sequence of software for both Language Acquisition and Virtual Live classes- OrellTalk and Orell eDo respectively. Together these can work wonders for your institute.
eDo is the all-inclusive and all-integrated and highly cost-effective Learning Management System currently available on the planet and exclusively designed for educational institutions of global standards. Hosted on high speed and secure cloud servers with data protection and available to clients across the globe with unmatched features and 24/7 support.
Orell Technosystems has launched Orell Talk as the complete solution to all the language learning difficulties regarding the various procedures in educational institutions of all kinds. Orell Talk is the futuristic Information technology driven platform promising a comprehensive range of services that effortlessly blend in with the educational sector.

The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.
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