Why Oréll eDo

Why Oréll eDo

Oréll eDo is changing the whole replica of learning during these present times. It is carefully designed to meet the emerging needs the educational industry and you can easily manage the learning maneuver online. e-Learning has been elevated from the conventional classrooms, onto the desktop and now into the mobiles. Oréll eDo enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students and allows for “anytime, anywhere” access as well along with create and view reports, collect online payments, and deliver learning modules across mobile devices.. Self-paced programs mean high achieving students won’t get bored and can accelerate academically, while struggling students can get additional time and tutoring to gain competency and the confidence that comes with it. Oréll LMS Suite offers the potential for students to study at their own pace it is student-centered. Tests can be administered and scored quickly and efficiently. Computerized scoring provides the opportunity for a cost effective method to create better tests beyond multiple choice, including simulations and constructed responses.

Oréll eDo is all powerful, all-in-one platform and is the world’s fastest-growing e-Learning solution, bringing together learning management as an ingenious dais to meet any organization’s internal and external training requirements.It ensures exceptional balance of visual, audio and practical methodologies so that the users are engaged and provided with the optimum learning experience.

Just like the real time classroom learning and our features ensure that students of Oréll e-Learning mode can serve to be taught and trained in an unswerving manner on this virtual education platform to make learning more appealing and available for efficient teaching and quick learning of any subject.

Oréll eDo is the most advanced version of our Learning Management System and ultimate new-gen product compatible with Cloud, Android & iOS Tabs, Mobiles, Thin Clients/N-computing etc. with unique features like Parent Interface to monitor the Student Performance, Principal/Manager Interface to monitor Teacher Activity, Instant Scoring, e-Exam Module for Easy Evaluation and Comprehensive Reports. Oréll LMS can work either as an Offline Version or Online Version.


Ensure Blended Learning Experience for your Students !


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