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eLearning is what you need in your institution- here’s why-

When we reflect on 2020 at some point in future, one thing that will need no introduction is the Covid 19 pandemic that shook the planet, that left households permanently affected. The world is not the same again. But as human beings we fought and tried to adapt every social and essential activity to suit the basic necessity of social distancing- this includes bureaucracy, jobs, education, events etc. The first two elements even if faced a downfall, can be recuperated in time. But when it comes to education, especially of students in early teens and tender years, the hurdles faced may not be able to recover in time as the grasping capacity of their brain.

In this situation, eLearning is the best answer to recover education system. E-learning, also referred to as online learning or electronic learning, is the acquisition of knowledge which takes place through electronic technologies and media. In short, e-learning is defined as “learning that is enabled electronically”. eDo is one the brand new software created by the think tanks of Orell Technosystems. Within the matter of a few months it has become the most-enquired product of our company. As an e-Learning software paired with Live Virtual class , eDo opens up vast possibilities for schools to conduct classes through online. And as a responsible technological firm that introduces new software as per the need of the hour (due to social distancing and covid 19 pandemic), Orell created eDo, influential e-Learning software that potentially could replace real classrooms with its wide array of tools. It has proved to be an all powerful, all-in-one platform and is the world’s fastest-growing e-Learning solution, bringing together learning management as an ingenious dais to meet any organization’s internal and external training requirements

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