Where do I purchase the best eLearning platform with Virtual Live class?

Virtual Classes are the most wanted in this year, probably more than ever. If you own an institution it’s high time you seek a virtual class provider by now. The companies who are culled during the span of 10 months do not necessarily guarantee ease and efficiency.
Orell eDo introduced by Orell Technosystems headquartered in Kakkanad, Kerala promises international standards of learning. eDo is the all-inclusive and all-integrated and highly cost-effective Learning Management System currently available on the planet and exclusively designed for educational institutions of global standards. Hosted on high speed and secure cloud servers with data protection and available to clients across the globe with unmatched features and 24/7 support.

What is eLearning?

A learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. The idea of eLearning has achieved an unprecedented amount of relevance over the past 1 year. The covid 19 pandemic had reduced the chances of traditional method of teaching with teacher instructing students within the constraint of a classroom close to none. Educational institutions had to push themselves and seek modern solutions for this dilemma. The answer was Online Virtual Live classes. Even though there are several applications like Zoom that can be accessed by teachers and users simultaneously, there was a striking lack of software solutions that are specifically modified for e Learning.

Through the fore-most eLearning Software Orell eDo, powered by Orell Technosystems Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered at Kakkanad, Kerala has revolutionized Online Classes. Teaching and taking part in online classes have become convenient than ever. Teachers will be able to monitor students and assess their performances at every level. The advanced Online Communication Platform, eAssignments and Online Exam are availabled through through Mobile App. Orell tech support makes sure the tools and features of the software are familiarized by the teachers so they can make maximum use of the application to bring out the best from their students.

How does eLearning Software revolutionize the education during Covid 19 pandemic?

Covid 19, apart from wreaking havoc across the world, has contributed a sense of thriving even midst peril among people across the world. We have learned to seek alternatives for conducting events and activities that required physical presence of many at one place. This range from work to celebrations. The world has gone virtual. So it was high time for educators and students to find shelter in online classes. Of all the eLearning services that mushroomed during pandemic, Orell eDo powered by Orell Technosystems Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Kakkanad stands out bagging hundreds of clients at one go from all across the country. The peculiar thing about Orell eDo is, unlike other software generally used for virtual class, eDo promises a customized framework specialized for online classes. eDo aims to assist teachers to conduct online live classes and online exams. Teachers can create their own multi-media lessons using our state-of-the-art Course Planner & Lesson Composer. The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.

Who are the best eLearning platform available in India

eDo, as the most sold eLearning platform in recent times, promises smooth functioning online classes for teachers and students. The fact that it was created exclusively with a lot of customizations just for online education, gives it an evident weight over other software and apps. The most user-friendly mobile app version is all that takes for students to keep up-to-date with their lessons. The easy communication and interaction are possibly with portals created both for teachers and learners. Apart from live virtual class, eDo can made use of in conducting Online exam, surfing Virtual library, parent portal for parental access, and principal portal. Oréll from the very days of its inception was driven with firm vision of bringing forth the greatest revolution in Educational Sector infusing the stellar contribution by Information Technology. Orell eDo is a game-changer when it comes to e-learning platforms. Especially under the circumstances of global pandemic, when school education came to a standstill, e-Learning software act as a boon and Orell eDo is the best among them.

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